Here's a little something about Katy: 

She is originally hails from the sleepy hamlet of New Canaan, Connecticut. She went to school in New York City, Pace University, to be exact.

She is just trying to make her way with a BFA in Musical Theater in one hand, a love for comedy in the other, her iPod in her back pocket, her keys in her other back pocket, her sunglasses in her front shirt pocket, a pencil tucked behind her ear, and a flower behind her other ear because she can be whimsical, sometimes.

And some cash in her bra because her mother taught her that pick pocketers may snag your bag so you gotta keep your cards, cash and license safe. 

Yup. She's a real New Yorker, alright....but has never taken the G line, been to the Statue of Liberty, seen Phantom of the Opera or had a dirty water dog.


She enjoys singing, acting, being goofy, comedy, food, air, water, sun, life.

This is what she looks like.